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Designed using international standards of testing and measurements, Solar Marker Products have continually proven to be superior in design, reliability and durability. Designed to adapt and function in various locations, undergone countless product testing in over 30 countries worldwide, we have a firm belief that our products are the best in the field of traffic safety products in the world.

More notably however are the praises and reviews of our products sent to us from actual installation sites. There have been numerous reports stating the significant reductions in traffic accident rates, as well as various other positive public responses evoked by the mere presence of our “Solar Miracles” on the road.

Subject to availability, field data and official letters and testimonials from municipalities and civil engineers who have reported the dramatic impact our product has on their cities and highways are available for download.


Product Testing

Laboratory approved for compression, heat resistance, impact resistance coefficient of retro-reflection, etc.,
“Solar Miracle” solar-powered road studs have been tested to exceed the strict standard of Germany’s transportation regulations in order to withstand the punishment of the Autobahn traffic.

– Certificate of  TÜV Approval

E 20107818 E 01 – Germany’s TUV Rheinland-Laboratory

– Federal Highway Administration Test

DTFH61 – 11 – F – 00078 – US government March/2012

– ASTM 4280 – 04

Abrasion Test for MS – 200

– ASTM 4280 Test

MS – 100

– Certificate of Tests and Measurements – Germany

Koeln, Heiger, Berkamen, etc., City of Germany

– Certificate of Tests and Measurements – Israel

Technion Research and Development Foundation LTD of Israel

– Certificate of Tests and Measurements – Western Australia

Queensland and Government of Australia

Awards and Commendations

– Certificate of Designation of New Technology

Minister of Construction and Transportation, Republic of Korea

– Certificate of Venture Enterprise

Business Administration, Republic of Korea

– Certificate of Excellent Quality Product

Supply Admnistration, Republic of Korea

– Inno-Biz Enterprise

Business Administration, Republic of Korea

– Certificate of Designation of New Technology

Public Peace Police, Republic of China

Patent Certificates

– U.S. Patent Certificates

US 6,602,021 B1 : US D472,489 S : US D470,787 S

– U.S. Patent Certificates