SolarMarkers’ MS-110 series is a revolutionary solar flat road marker that utilizes stored solar power to give a ten-fold improvement in nighttime road visibility. The MS-110 provides clear and visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions.

The MS-110 series provides multi-use functionality due to the flat design of the surface. The MS-110 can be used as pavement markers and in landscaping applications.

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The new revolutionary
Solar LED Pavement Marker


Durable and weather resistant
Flat installation to prevent tripping and falling
Ideal for installation applications like outdoor landscaping ehancement,
swimmming pools, decks, exterior walkways, home entrances, driveways. A perfect
solution for making bicycle and pedestrian pathways and to improve the safety of
poorly lit high traffic areas.
No wiring and electricity
Snow plowable – Suitable for cross walk safety


6 pieces (3 by two sides)
LED Type
High intensity emitting diode
LED Color
White / Red / Yellow / Blue/ Green
LED Brightness
5000 mcd/one-side
Dimension Main Part
110(R) x 50(H) mm / 4.33(W)” x 1.96(H)”
Dimension Weight
600 g (1.3228 lbs) / unit
Storage / Type
LiFe4 (Lithium Iron 4) Battery
SOLAR CELL / Max.output
3.5 V
IP Rating / Protection Grade
IP 68
About 1 km (0.62mi)
Charging Condition
100K LUX charging for 2 hours & 4+ nights operation
Operating Temperature
- 40 °C to + 80 °C (-40 °F to + 176 °F)
Solar cell covered with clear poly carbonate (U.V Coating) / Out-Case made Aluminum alloy 10211

Additional information

Flashing Mode

Steady Lighting, Flash Lighting


Yellow(Amber), White, Blue, Red, Green