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The new revolutionary
Solar LED Road Marker

Single and Double side available Steady or Flash Mode available


The constant flashes and integrated reflectors guarantee a driver’s safe guide in streets at night and bad weather.
Pavement markings for no entrance warnings into one way streets and freeway off ramps.
Highly visible indicator of center divider and crosswalks at intersections.
Sharp curves or mountain roads with reduced visibility of roads ahead.
Hazard marking or delineation for bicycle and pedestrian trails.
Helpful in blind corners.
Fog hazard areas.
Airport arterials.
Accident black spots.
Hydrant marking.
Many other applications yet to be imagined!



High intensity emitting diode
LED Color
Normal: Yellow / Red || Optional: White / Blue / Green
LED Brightness
5000 mcd/one-side
LED Power Current
6 - 8 mA/hr
LED Quantity
2 pcs (2 x side) / Single & Double Side Available
Storage Device
LiFe4 (Lithium Iron 4) Battery or Super capacitor 3.2 V / 250 mA/h